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Who are you?

You are an influencer or decision maker who decide on purchases within product development in the engineering industry. You solve problems, develop and improve to make products stronger, smarter and easier. 

High demands are often placed on finding the right suppliers & products – at the right price.

At Advanced Engineering you can scan the market in a very efficient way, try a broad spectra of different variants of products & services during a short amount of time, and discuss solutions to the requirements with technically knowledgeable exhibitors.

You might have one of the following titles (or a version of it):

  • Purchaser
  • Engineer
  • Product Developer
  • Constructor

Within branches in the engineering industry:

  • Electronics
  • Vehicle
  • Designer
  • Production/Site Manager
  • Technical Manager
  • Mechanics
  • IT/telecom
  • Plastics
  • Consultant
  • CEO/Owner
  • Project Manager
  • Test & measure
  • Energy
  • Aviation & aerospace

Discover the possibilities of Advanced Engineering

Exclusive meeting place for product development

The only meeting place in the Nordic region dedicated specifically to those who want to develop a new or already existing product within vehicles, electronics or other mechanical manufacturing.

Expand your contact network

Meet professional colleagues through activities and mingles offered by the show, usually free of charge.

Unexpected, profitable purchasing opportunities

Get surprised by the news from companies you would not otherwise have found, thanks to the broad spectrum of exhibitors.

Talk to technically knowledgeable exhibitors

Meet technically knowledgeable staff who offer in-depth knowledge throughout the product development cycle.

Try out the latest products and solutions

Take part of the latest innovations, including through the show’s estimated startup area.

Utöka din kunskapsbank

Kompetensutveckla dig kostnadsfritt via seminarier om de hetaste trenderna inom verkstadsindustrin, exempelvis: MaaS, 5G, IIOT, cirkulära flöden, digital twinning mm.

There are many industry shows, why visit Advanced Engineering?
• Offers in-depth orientation for manufacturers at various stages from heavy industry industries in the region
• 100% focus on product development – before the factory but also development of already existing products that can be found in the factory. No other trade shows in the Nordic region has exactly this focus.
• Runs across several industries that generate innovative thinking and interdisciplinary opportunities

71% of visitors think the fair is important
or the most important fair of the year

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