M-TDC 8 Thermomodul

IPETRONIK will present its new M-TDC 8 thermomodule. This device is equipped with a special contacting technology allowing the plugless upgrade of thermocouple measuring points. The sensor cable is directly inserted into the module, contacting and interlocking automatically. With this patented thermocouple direct connect method (TDC), IPETRONIK facilitates the setup of thermocouple measuring points and helps customers improve their workflow. The contact is established with a special needle adapter within the module. High connection forces guarantee uninterrupted contacting even under harsh conditions. The asymmetrical M-TDC cable cross-section assures reverse polarity protection. The cables are coated and insulated with a very durable and electrically insulating Teflon®-based material resistant to aggressive media. In addition to that, it is heat- and cold-resistant and can be used from -160°C up to +260°C.

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