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W2M Laser is a Finnish company who sells laser machines in Scandinavia and Baltics.
The W2M LASER product family represents the latest technology in cleaning and marking. The devices are extremely easy to use and user friendly.

The W2M Laser Cleaning machines feature an element in cleaning any kind of surface, whether porous or smooth, curved, convex, glossy, frosted or anything in between.
In laser cleaning, only the imagination is the limit; resins, varnishes, grease, rust, oxides, metal coatings, algae, moss paint and countless others.
The surface to be cleaned can be plastic, glass, metal, concrete, natural stone, precious metal or even composite material. The cleaning result depends essentially on the material pair, so we recommend a demo at the customers premises before each application.

The W2M Laser Marking machines cover everything from mobile work equipment to automated production line solutions and for material from metals to film plastics.

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