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Are you ready for the current challenges in production? Rely on the opportunities to collaborate with collaborative robots and strengthen your staff with intelligent collaborators.
We offer you generation 2 of collaborative robots, Doosan and Sawyer.
At RT Robotics, we make Industrial Automation affordable for innovative companies, regardless of size.
We are convinced that some information, which so far has only been done by human employees, can in principle also be performed by their collaborative colleagues. This is made possible by the constantly developed robotics. It is not about replacing the human labor force with artificial intelligence, but rather about human cooperation with collaborative robots.

With a weight span of 6 kg up to 15 kg and the market’s longest reach of 1.7 meters, Doosan robotics offers the world’s most comprehensive robot portfolio.
Thanks to highly sensitive torque sensors, these robots can interact with human operators without protection.

The All-Rounder: An intuitive intelligent smart robot. A 7-axle robot with 2 built-in Cognex cameras has never been easier.
Thanks to Sawyer’s unique landmarks, the robot is mobile.
Sawyer’s passion is machine mounting, PCB testing and other tasks that were previously not easy to automate with industrial robots.

Allow us at Rt Robotics to make your production more efficient and profitable than ever.

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