Exhibitor tips: achieve a fully connected and independently acting value chain.

sick sensor technology

Bild: Sick Sensor Intellegence.

With its smart sensors, SICK is moving towards a fully connected and independently acting value chain. By definition, data is the basis for working Industry 4.0 applications. It is data that makes the connection of development, production, logistics, customers and partners possible. Machines, workpieces, shelves, containers and shuttles become smart objects that send real-time data and exchange information. Sensor technology creates the basis for transparent processes in Industry 4.0. The sensor forms the foundation for all subsequent uses.

In short: no sensor technology – no Industry 4.0.

Create information from data
Sensors are the first contact and link to Industry 4.0. In the past it was all about data collection for simple decisions, now smart sensors make it possible to also prepare and process data for information. The sensor no longer only senses, but also starts to think thanks to the digitization. From now on, the transmission of prepared information will become the main technology. The success of the connected value chain is based on successful sensor integration in the application’s overall architecture.

In a smart production, many sensors collect a lot of data in many places. This gives greater importance to decentralized data processing. More interfaces in computer and software systems allow for new analyzes and functions, flexibility, quality, efficiency and transparency. The cloud will play a more important role in the near future, when the crucial data security questions are finally answered. In the future, it will be possible to flow sensor data directly to the cloud via app-specific connection techniques and during the management of the control system. With a successful and comprehensive connection of all sensors to central or decentralized data management systems, a still unknown number of solutions are created. And the whole process becomes transparent in unique quality thanks to data and communication protocols.

”Integration into automation networks with connectivity, new communication levels and data security – these are SICK’s three main themes for Industry 4.0.”

Sick AB

SICK is one of the leading manufacturers of sensors in areas ranging from manufacturing automation via logistics automation to process automation. As a technology and market leader, SICK, with its sensors and application solutions for industrial applications, is the perfect base for safe and efficient control of processes, to protect people from accidents and to avoid harming the environment.

Sick exhibits at Advanced Engineering 2020 in Gothenburg. You will meet them in booth F: 14.

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