Exhibitors tips: innovation with reduced development time


Bild: Altair Topology Optimization Software

It is advantageous to use topology optimization already at the beginning of a design phase, where the software can calculate optimal material distribution based on factors such as load and voltage requirements. These simulation techniques allow customers to design light and performative parts with a simulation-driven design method. The advances in manufacturing technology also make it possible to build these sometimes complex designs with both traditional processes such as casting, injection molding and forging, but also through Additive Manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing. The goal is optimized design that encompasses everything from structure and motion to thermal control and electromagnetism – while the software analyzes, interprets and visualizes data.

With the help of software, solutions are available throughout the product life cycle from the early design stage in the development of smart products to the collection and management of data to create as flexible and integrated products as possible. Altair is a leading supplier of simulation software that enables innovation with reduced development time, which in turn results in lower costs throughout the product life cycle. Using simulation is a necessary driver of innovation, a way to be competitive today in all industries.

Altair Engineering AB

Altair is a leading provider of enterprise-class engineering software enabling innovation, reduced development times, and lower costs through the entire product lifecycle from concept design to in-service operation. Our simulation-driven approach to innovation is powered by our integrated suite of software which optimizes design performance across multiple disciplines encompassing structures, motion, fluids, thermal management, electromagnetics, system modeling and embedded systems, while also providing data analytics and true-to-life visualization and rendering.

Altair exhibits at Advanced Engineering 2020 in Gothenburg. Du träffar dem i monter E:13.

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