Products meeting new challenges


TR Fastening’s components are an important part of many of the customer’s applications. In the past, fasteners have often been seen as a low-priority product but in recent years, they have the old and increasingly important role in the effort to streamline and rationalize.

Some examples are open-die technologies and multifunctional screw-cutting & spring solutions. An important goal for TR Fortifications, together with the vehicle manufacturers’ Tier 1 supply chain, is design fasteners that hold the highest possible quality and meet the increasing demands for and long durability at a low price.

New materials and manufacturing methods for vehicle manufacturers mean that new fasteners are required, the design of which is suitable for, for example, composite or 3D printing materials. This means that our engineering team develops product from the first idea and the presenter so-called “case studies” where all aspects of applications take into account, to meet the requirements.

– How do you solve a product or problem?

TR’s EPW screw is one of the products that meet new challenges where it is desired to be able to screw directly into the sheet metal. The thread tower is shaped by the screw design and provides a secure screw joint. Feel free to come by at our booth E17 opposite SCEN 1 or inform you further on our website.

– Why do you choose to exhibit at Advanced Engineering 2020?

TR Fastenings Ltd is a global manufacturer and distributor of industrial fasteners. The fair is an excellent temporary meeting with new and existing customers to discuss ongoing and future projects. We are happy to participate early in development projects with a vision to design in cost-effective and functional solutions. We also see the fair as an important forum for seeing and offering the new technical solutions where our products can be applied.

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