Advisory board

Erik Behm

Area & Investment Manager ICT, Business Region Göteborg

Area & Investment master within ICT

Erik Behm, Area & Investment Manager ICT has for 10 years been responsible for attracting foreign companies to Gothenburg, but are also supporting the West Sweden ICT Cluster. Erik has a passion for the ICT industry and is especially devoted to areas such as EdTech, AI, Space & Antenna Technology. Erik holds a degree in Industrial Engineering & Management from Chalmers.

Lennart Lundgren

Business Developer, Staga Sweden

From 24 years at Chalmers to business developer & entrepreneur

Institutional manager, Chalmers technical university for 24 years!

Today: Business developer at Staga and running his own company Tuve Science.

Ivica S. Maric

Manager – Simulations, Scenarios and V&V, Volvo

More than 20 years of experience in the space industry

Ivica has a background in Physics Engineering from both Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and Chalmers Institute of Technology in Gothenburg. He has more than 20 years of industrial experience of which last 14 years at Volvo Group Corporation. Professional experiences stretches from airspace industry and development of measurement methods for jet and rocket engines, through automotive industry and quality assurance of truck electrical platform to  V&V at diagnostics engineering. Today leading a department responsible for simulations, scenarios and V&V at Volvo GTT vehicle automation – developing self-driving trucks.

Johan Hellsing

Technical Specialist Electric Propulsion Systems CEVT

20 years of knowledge within electrical machines & vehicles

Licentiate degree in electrical machines and vehicles at Chalmers technical university. With 20 years in the industry, Johan spent most of his time working as a technical expert or as a project manager during different science projects at Volvo Cars, AB Volvo and at his present workplace CEVT. In the beginning of his career, he focused on electrical engines but as time passed by, his competences have changed to drive lines in hybrid and electrical vehicles.

Bo Johansson

Director Special Projects & Senior Advisor, Volvo Bus Corp

22 years at Volvo!

Formal education within M.Sc at Chalmers technical university and parts of the MBA at University of Gothenburg.

Volvo Cars between 1997 & 1998. Different working areas within production, product development and purchasing.

Volvo buses 1998 – different working areas within product development, quality and joint ventures. Today; ”Director Special Projects & Senior Advisor”.

Per Lundberg

Regional Sales Manager, ÅF Digital Solutions department Embedded

Technical sales expert within embedded @ ÅF

Responsible for the client management and offering, which implecates companies that develops electronic and software products.

We are one of the biggest service suppliers within Embedded, with a large inhouse project organisation, ÅF is one of the biggest technical consultant companies in Sweden.

Personally, I have a Master of Science in Electronics and I have been working within the consultant industry my entire professional career. I started as a consultant within the hardware construction, furthermore I continued into project management and since 2011, I have been working with technical sales and manager for several coworkers. These days my main occupation is within sales.

Stefan Christiernin

Volvo Cars

From NEVS to VCC, through university & crime stories

Works at Volvo Cars, has a wide past within the academy and is highly entrepreneurial. Stefan is an associate professor: dr. in physics and professor in simulating and data. He is also vice principal at University West and cofounder in several small businesses. Stefan Christiernin is also an author, he writes crime stories. Before Volvo Cars, he was at NEVS. There he was responsible for the technical business development between tomorrow’s technology, partnership and the changed business opportunities that comes with it.

Robert Olsson

Founder & Senior Advisor, Frontside Electronics AB

More than 40 years within advanced electronical manufacturing in Gothenburg

Robert Olsson is the founder of Frontside Electronics AB.

Today, Robert is a Senior Advisor of Frontside and has also joined the board of directors at Ung Företagsverksamhet in Gothenburg, Nyföretagarcentrum in Härryda, Partner Göteborg etc.

Frontside is a high technology company within advanced electronical manufacturing. The company has 40 co-workers and is located in Mölnlycke, Gothenburg.

The manufacturing includes both prototypes and complete products supplying Chalmers, Volvo, Zenuity, SKF, Ericsson, ASSA etc.

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